It's only the beginning of August, and we really don't want to say good-bye to summer just yet. But if you love Halloween, you've probably already started thinking of your costume for this year.

Dressing up is fun! You get to be someone else for the evening! So much has happened in 2012 that I came up with the best ideas. Here are some of the best costumes you can do for 2012, in my humble opinion.


Christian Grey and Anastasia Stelle - 50 Shades of Grey

The book that has millions of women wanting more can easily be made into a costume that will have everyone at the party talking. You can go as Anastasia and still keep it rated PG by wearing a white t-shirt, plumb dress with a mask, pencil skirt with a frilly top. To spice it up, you could always bring some handcuffs and leave it dangling off your wrist! Christan Grey, oh Mr. Grey. Your man can easily look the part of a CEO by wearing a suite, the grey tie, relaxed jeans with a hole in them, maybe carry a whip.


Tanning Mom

Yes, the overly tan mom who was getting her young daughter to start tanning to. This lady is easy to pull off, especially if you have short, blonde hair. Pick up some bronze liquid foundation, mess up your hair, and put on a loose fitting tank top with cut off shorts. Done and done for under $30!


Fab 5

Our amazing Women's Gymnastics team! Bringing home the gold!! If you don't feel like wearing their routine attire, you can easily pull off the grey jacket and pants with a gold medal around your neck. Don't forget the flowers! Ponytails and glitter in the hair! Get you and four of your best friends together on this idea and have some fun!


Hunger Games

The movie that has motivated us to get into shape so we can win! Archary is now a sexy sport in the Olympics thanks to the movie. I'm sure Jennifer Lawrence helped the image! For safety reasons, you may not want to carry an actual arrow with you, make one so you don't get into trouble for having a weapon! Maybe you didn't like Hunger Games. Take your favorite movie, past or present, and stay in character! It's Halloween, we are supposed to have fun with the holiday!


Celebrity Moms

So many new moms this year in Hollywood! First Jessica Simpson posing as a Mummy last year for Halloween, then Snookie's announcement that she's going to be a mom and wants to wear her heals and full makeup in the delivery room. Grab a pillow, duct tape it to your body. Get a few bottles of hairspray and tease the crap out of your hear. Layer your makeup with lots of eyeliner and you my friend can look just like Snookie! Just don't forget the low, super tight dress with platform heels!


Celebrity Break-Ups

This would be perfect if you and your ex were at the same Halloween party. Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Seal and Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries . . . I'm a big fan of dressing up as someone else and having party goers guess who I am. Have them guess you "ex-date" too!


Celebrity Deaths

We lost a lot of icons in the past year and a half. Steve Jobs, Dick Clark, Whitney Houston, Donna Sommer, Andy Griffith, Robin Gibb... Be creative with your costume. Go as something they were known for. Dress up as an apple, have the NYE Ball as the main part of your costume. It doesn't have to be a sad costume. Make it fun and remember why we loved them so.


Boy Bands

Midnight Red, Big Time Rush, The Wanted, One Direction, they are all hot this year! Men dress like women on Halloween, so let's dress like men this year! The hair might be a little tough to do, but we can get creative! Get together with your closes ladies and go as a boyband, complete with screeming girls following you! Maybe that's what the men in your lives can go as!


Call Me, Maybe?

The song that has been parodied over, and over, and over again. Plenty of options to choose from! As simple as handing out business cards with the chorus of the song, having a phone with a question mark attached, to any one of the parodies. (Beats the Friday, Fri.....on that songs stuck in my head!!!)


Pinterest Logo

The website that we spend way too much time on! Pinning crafts, beauty, fashion, art, locations and the lists goes on. Get a cardboard box, paint it red, and just draw the big "P" and bam! You're pinterest! You can even print off some of the pins you have done and pin them to your costume! I'm sure you can go on pinterest right now and get some other really cool Halloween Costume ideas!


Misty May-Treanor + Kerri Walsh Jennings

Saving the best for last! The most recognized names in Volleyball. Owning the past THREE Olympics in Women's Beach Volleyball Misty May and Kerri Walsh taking home the gold this past week was amazing! Tears were in my eyes! I loved Volleyball in Middle School and High School. While it might be a little too cold once Halloween is here to dress in a bikini, you can still get creative with your costume. From warm up pants to biker shorts and a top with a volleyball to going all out with the two piece and sunglasses. Don't forget their THREE Gold Medals!

Have you started planning your Halloween costume already? What are you going to go as?

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