I'm always fascinated by how much celebrities make. Are they worthy of the millions they get each year? Forbes put out their annual Celebrity 100 List, ranking the celebs in order of how much they earned, visibility, social media presence and other factors.

Topping the list is Jennifer Lopez. She earned $52 Million over the past year, which is nowhere near the highest for a celebrity.  But, she's all over the place,  especially thanks to "American Idol".

Orpah came in second and the Biebs came in third. It's pretty hard to avoid his face. A company even cloned his DNA and are selling pendants to Justin Bieber fans.

Get the complete Forbes Celebrity 100 List HERE.

Other Jennifer News:

Will she be back for the next season of "American Idol" or will she take her money and run? E! Online is reporting that she will not return for a third season as a judge. Sources say she is too busy, wants to free up time for her kids, and she will be on tour with Enrique Iglesias when the next casting for AI stats. AI producer Nigel Lythgoe had this to say yesterday:

"We want her back.  I want her back . . . [but] It's a business.  She has to weigh everything.  I know she's gotten lots of offers to do movies and other things."

So, let the rumors start on who will replace Jennifer. I say bring back Paula!!!!! Who do you think should be a judge on American Idol?

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