Reality Fame comes and goes, and when it goes, you miss the spotlight, the money, and possibly the backlash.

Kate Gosselin has had her share of reality T.V. fame thanks to two shows; Jon and Kate Plus 8, and then her solo show which was axed last year, Kate Plus 8. Kate says that she wants wants to get back in front of the camera along with her kids.

"They really, honestly miss filming. They recently have been saying, 'When are we going to go here or there? We miss the crew.' So, with our TLC contract now over, we're hoping to move forward and do more fun projects. Fans are begging you know, they're grown up, they've turned eight. What are you doing? And so we're hoping to put that out there for them."

Are you even interested in her life or the kids anymore? Reality Shows are a guilty pleasure of many millions of Americans. We watched Jon and Kate raise their family, get a divorce, and then picking up the pieces of their lives. Kate says her and Jon have improved their parenting together, but it's unlikely they will co-star again.

"I can honestly say it's more peaceful than it's ever been. He's been really positive and more available and it's just less stressful. I feel like he's working with me, and the kids notice it -- and that's good because I've always wanted peace for them."

Would you watch another round of Kate and the family on T.V. if they found a network that wanted to produce a show? How much do we really need to know about one family? I can't help but think about the kids. I don't believe they understand what is really going on. It might be pretty cool to be on T.V. but when is enough, enough?

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