A Marilyn Monroe Concert is in the works for later on this year featuring a Marilyn Hologram - Virtual Marilyn Live -- A Musical Celebration of the Birth of the Pop Icon is the tentative title so far. But her estate is threatening to shut it down!

"The Hollywood Reporter" posted a preview clip of "Virtual Marilyn" singing the song "Bye Bye Baby" from the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." She looks like an avatar for a video game. Clearly, we can never see the real Marilyn in person, so this would be the next best thing. I personally love her voice and her stunning beauty. Either way, the Estate is watching closely to what is going on with this concert.

I'm not well educated when it comes to law terminology, but what I get from reading the cease-and-deists letters is that the company trying to make Marilyn come to life can not use of any "marks, names, logos and designs that were based upon the identity and persona of Marilyn Monroe." According to The Hollywood Reporter;

The digital studio insists that it has done something unprecedented—copyrighted a human persona—and that the statute of limitations has passed on any possible legal objection since the estate knew about what has been in development for more than fifteen years. The digital persona is also said to be completely distinguishable from the woman who died in 1962 of an apparent drug overdose.

Was that last sentence really necessary? Completely distinguishable from the real woman. I would hope so. CLICK HERE to watch the video they are calling a preview to the concert. Clearly that is not Marilyn. We should all know that! Again, not knowing legal "things",  wouldn't the estate want this to happen? I would think they would make some profit off of this somehow. It was a success at Coachelle for Tupac fans. Tupac's Hologram was done by the same company working on Marilyn's. If they make Marilyn as realistic as Tupac, it's almost like seeing the real thing. (CLICK HERE TO SEE TUPAC...WARNING: Clicking the link will bring you to a video from Coachella that has very inappropriate language!!!!)

The concert so far does not have a venue, and they are planning on streaming it live so fans from all over the world can watch. Growing up after Marilyn passed, I personally think it would be neat to be able to see this. I know it''s not the real thing, but a close second.

If money wasn't an option, would you want to see a Marilyn Monroe Hologram concert?

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