You read that right!

The lawsuit filed Monday in a federal court in Los Angeles says the California band  is requesting both $1 million in damages and an injunction to prevent the British band from continuing to use the name. Apparently the California band has been around since 2009, while the British boys have only known each other since 2010.

The British One Direction made it big after Simon Cowell's X-Factor signed them to a record deal. Both Simon's company, Syco Entertainment, and Sony Records, which released “Up All Night,” have declined to comment on the suit.

But, there is already some proof that not only fans but the  media are confused and unable to distinguish the two bands. I'm slightly confused myself! NBC’s “Today” show  recently had a segment on the British band and they were introduced with part of “2012,” a song written and recorded by the California group. Big Oops!


So, should the bigger band get to keep the name? Or should the Cali boys get to keep it?

Moral of the story: If you are wanting to make your own band, Google names before you pick one.