Life & Style magazine decided to write an article about Tom Cruise abandoning his daughter after Katie filed for divorce. The July 30th cover of Life & Style, which reads, "SURI IN TEARS, ABANDONED BY HER DAD. Tom is now demanding that the magazine reveal the identities of the "sources" that made the statement quoted in the story. I don't blame him one bit. We may think he is all crazy, but if he is still there for Suri and is supporting her, I would want to know who is telling fake information to tabloids for extra money.

Bauer Media, L&S's parent company, is fighting back by attempting to find out the details about this divorce from Katie and to see how often he visits his daughter since they broke up. Which would be a good thing to find out. If he hasn't seen her since the split and hasn't paid for anything either, then their story may be true.

Tom is suing the tabloid for $50 million. In 2011, Katie sued Star magazine for the same amount after they claimed she was a drug addict but the matter was settled with an apology and a charitable donation.

When it comes to tabloid stories, majority of them are false if they came from "sources" other than the celebrity involved. I still find it interesting to see what fake stories they can come up with!

Do you care whether the rumors printed in tabloids are true? Or do you read them like I do for giggles?

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