Have I mentioned how much I hate daylight savings time? Honestly, it’s awful. Maybe it helped farmers back in the day, but I don’t think that really applies anymore.

If you don’t know, daylight savings is ending on Sunday, Nov. 6 at 2 a.m. So, basically when you go to bed on Saturday night, you’ll get an extra hour of sleep. Great, right? Actually, no.

The phrase goes like this, “spring forward, fall back.” It’s confusing really, but it’s somehow supposed to help us remember this ridiculous thing that we do. In the spring, we move the clocks ahead an hour. In the fall we move the clocks back.

So, if it’s so confusing why do we do it?! GREAT QUESTION. It’s supposed to be a way for us to somehow save energy by making use of the daylight. There was a time in our country’s history when states chose whether they wanted to participate in the time change. It got too confusing for trains and buses to keep up with all of it. So, in 1966 congress passed the Uniformed Time Act. In the 1970’s they found that the time changed helped save about 10,000 extra barrels of oil each day. I’ve always heard that it was to help out the farmers…

When the time change happens, Americans get super confused for weeks–all so that we can save 10,000 barrels of oil a day. That doesn’t seem legit. If setting back my clock is saving someone oil, I want some kind of discount.

Let’s pretend that for part of the year that it’s this time, and in a few months we’ll move it back to the old time. NO!

All it does is mess with my head. I never remember what day the time change falls on, and when I wake up I’m just confused. I can’t understand why everything feels so “off” or why all of my clocks are wrong. The confusion lasts for AT LEAST a week. I don’t even  bother to change the clock in my car. The time will be an hour off until April. When the time in the car is finally right, I have to retrain myself not to assume that it’s an hour behind.

I should mention how awesome it is that it’s dark out by 4 p.m…NOT.

The little bit of enjoyment that I do have when I realize I get to sleep in an hour longer is lost when April comes around I lose an hour of slumber. Why is this still a thing? People lived for hundreds of years without lying to themselves about what time it is, so why can’t we just relax and leave things how they are?

If you’re a fan of daylight savings, we probably shouldn’t be friends.

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