Ain't nobody got time for "falling back" and "springing ahead!"

A new proposed bill by Minnesota Republican Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer could put an end to the bi-annual clock changes and give Minnesota a permanent Daylight Savings Time.

“This bill would have standard time year-round," she told WCCO4, "so there would be no more springing ahead or falling back or changing clocks or disrupting your circadian rhythms or having additional issues on time changes that can affect health and safety of the people."

Should the bill pass, Minnesota would see an earlier start to the day and longer evenings locally. In summer, dawn would be at 5:00am and in winter 8:00am or 9:00am.

According to WCCO4, it takes an act of Congress to change Daylight Savings Time nationwide; a proposed bill was approved this week by President Trump. Should the bill pass, Minnesota could follow suit with its own.

According to the Baltimore Sun, 26 states are considering changing to permanent Daylight Savings Time -- opposed to Standard Time, also considered "winter time," -- including Indiana and Florida.


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