As a man that is not rich, nor that has had an abundance of success when it comes to relationships - I always get a kick out of stories about celebrities getting divorced.

It interests me.

Statistically, most relationships are ended because of disputes over money issues.  That is the #1 thing that couples, of all ages and races, fight about.  So I often wonder, why do rich couples get divorced?  They can have whatever they want, right?

Then again, maybe that's the problem.  Maybe celebrities figure that because they are rich - if it doesn't work out - you just dump that person and move on.  It's a cavalier attitude that most people can't afford to have.  And it makes celebrities enter into relationships that are basically doomed from the start.  Celebrities can be very weird, too!

How strange must Cesar Millan be?  You may know him from his T.V. show, "The Dog Whisperer".

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs - and I especially respect and admire anyone who loves them, and knows as much about them, as Millan obviously does.  He has helped thousands of people, and animals, and for that - certainly deserves to be applauded.

But there must be some; deep, dark, disturbing, side of this guy, too.  I'm not taking cheap shots at the guy, I say that for good reason.

He recently went through a divorce with his now ex-wife, Illusion.  In the divorce, he agreed to pay her an up front lump sum of $400K.  He will also pay her @ 33K per month, in spousal and child support.

In return, Millan has bought Illusion's "silence".

The court documents say that she is strictly forbidden to ever, in any way, discuss "intimate, personal, and/or private information about the other party...including details of their personal and/or sexual preferences and relationships".

He was willing to pay a lot more money than he would've had to - just to make sure the world never knows what a freak he may, or may not be.

I wonder what kind of things he did?  Whatever it was - it makes me think that maybe I'm NOT such a difficult guy, after all....