This is why I check Reddit once a week lol. This latest post asked guys to name girly stuff they wish they could do if it was socially acceptable.  Here are some of the most popular answers they came up with . . .

1.  Wear a dress or a skirt when it's hot outside.

2.  Wear leggings or tights when it's cold out.

3.  Wear make-up to hide pimples and dark circles.

4.  Wear body spray or cologne that smells fruity.

5.  Use the word "cute" more often.

6.  Wear more jewelry.

7.  Order fruity drinks at the bar without being judged for it.

8.  Use things like facemasks to keep your skin looking good.

9.  Knitting or quilting was surprisingly popular.

10.  Carry a purse, so you don't have to keep everything in your pockets.

I do most of these on the list already except knitting lol.


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