Mondays are rough. Back to work from the weekend and your eyes feel strained and tired from staring at your computer screen all day. This is called Digital Eye Strain and it happens when we spend too much time in front of a screen. Luckily there are a few easy ways to fix it!

The 20-20-20 Rule

If your job requires a lot of "screen time" it is great to add this to your work routine. Every 20 minutes take 20 seconds to stare at something at least 20 feet away. This will give you and your eyes a quick break!


Reduce the Lights

If you have an overhead light that causes a glare on your computer screen, get rid of it! Or at least dim it. The more glare on your screen, the more work your eyes have to do!


The Arm Test

Sit at your desk and extend your arm straight out. If your hand hits the screen, you are sitting too close! Roll your chair back a few inches and work from that position. If you can't see the screen properly, it might be time to get your vision checked!


Do you have a remedy for relaxing your eyes? Share it with us in the comments!



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