No, that wasn't the pot brownies kicking in during last night's weather report from Fox9 (though we can only imagine what things would have looked like if you were tripping) -- it was a graphics glitch.

During Tuesday night's weather forecast on Fox9, meteorologist Jennifer McDermed appeared to begin multiplying as she moved in front of the camera. While reading off temperatures in cities around the state, the screen behind her suddenly froze and then began duplicating like something out of a carnival fun-house.

"Ooh! That's funky!" she exclaims, "What is going...?" She begins moving her hands and arms, and as she does the duplicating copies behind her mimic her movement, the delay making for an odd trance-like chain reaction. "I don't really know what's going on," she laughs, making her way briefly off-camera before re-entering and performing for the viewers. "Do you want one Jennifer or two Jennifers?" she asks, marching across the screen and the copies behind her continuing to imitate her. The reporters off-screen can be heard laughing as well.


"Can you lead that train off the monitor?" one asks. McDermed leads her train of copies off camera with a dramatized march. The weather graphics on-screen also duplicate. Fox9 and McDermed posted a video of the mishap to Twitter Wednesday.

McDermed also tweeted screenshots from her phone to reveal that she updated her profile image to include a shot from the weather report, captioning the tweet, "My friends hate me."

Many others took to Twitter to express their appreciation for the flub and how it was handled.

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