It seems there are more and more stories like this coming out these days. Maybe we are simply paying more attention to what is in the products we purchase and consume. A new report says a cancer-causing chemical was found in popular products you can find in your local drugstore.

The report was published by Reuters, while the actual test was done by a lab called Valisure. Since the findings of this study, a petition has been filed with the FDA to recall the products in question.

What Cancer-Causing Chemical Was Found?

The chemical benzene was found in 'high levels' in acne treatments you can buy from your local store. According to the report, in simple terms, Benzoyl peroxide is used in acne-fighting products.

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Benzoyl Peroxide can turn into benzene under certain conditions, like when the products are handled or stored by a consumer who purchases them. Per this report, benzene can actually be 'produced in the product itself' and escape into the atmosphere.

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What Products Pose A Risk?

According to the findings of this scary study, Benzene was found in acne products from the following brands:

  • Clearasil
  • Clinique
  • Up & Up
  • Proactiv
  • PanOxyl
  • Walgreen's acne soap bar
  • Walmart's Equate Beauty acne cream
Thanumporn Thongkongkaew
Thanumporn Thongkongkaew

This may not come as a huge surprise. In the past, benzene has been found in sunscreen, hand sanitizers and certain types of shampoo. These products are sold in Minnesota and Wisconsin in every type of store imaginable so keep this in mind next time you run errands.

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A similar study came out last month, stating that certain types of cereal posed a health risk because of a chemical called Chlormequat. This chemical has been linked to reproductive issues. There's a lot of scary stories like this coming out but of course, always good to be informed.

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