The million dollar you really need to wash NEW clothes before you wear them? Most people do it because they're worried they might catch some sort of nasty rash someone else had when they tried it on.  But apparently that almost never happens. Viruses, bacteria, and fungus's don't really transfer to fabric well.  So even if someone did have a rash, your chances of getting it are slim to none.

The reason you should wash new clothes before you wear them is because of the chemicals they're coated with. Some companies spray them with preservatives like formaldehyde to prevent mildew while they're being shipped to your favorite stores.  And that can cause a rash, especially if you have sensitive skin. The one time you should definitely wash something before you wear it is if it's a bathing suit or lingerie.

I never wash new clothes before I wear them...and NOTHING has ever happened to me in 41 years! Read more at

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