The hashtag #MyFirst7Jobs was trending on Twitter last week. People were sharing the first jobs they worked and a lot of them were odd jobs. We have all been there. Just trying to get our foot in the door to the workforce. My first job was watering flowers in a cemetery. Taylor Swift might have me beat though! Here are celebrities first jobs!

Getty Images for MTV

Lady GaGa was a go-go dancer. No surprise there.

- Madonna was a Dunkin' Donuts cashier.

- Gwen Stefani blended blizzards at Dairy Queen before No Doubt made it big.

- Before Beyonce sang about "Becky with the good hair" she swept floors at a hair salon!

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-Taylor Swift was a bug remover at a Chirstmas tree farm. Why doesn't she write a song about that?

Amy Adams worked as a Hooters Hostess. She actually lived in Chanhassen Minnesota for a while!

- Before he was signing autographs, Johnny Depp sold ball point pens.

- Kanye West's love of clothing might have came from his days working at The Gap

- Jennifer Aniston was a telephone marketer. Imagine getting a call from her!

Paras Griffin, Getty Images

- Oprah was a grocery store clerk! "You get your items scanned! And you get your items scanned! There's a clean up in aisle fooouuurrrr!!"

What was your first job? Leave me a comment below!