Today (10/17/16) is National Bosses Day 2016! It conveniently landed on a Monday *eye roll* so chances are good you forgot and didn't get your boss anything to celebrate. Instead of panicking and buying a lame card on your lunch break here are a few other things you can do!


- Buy them a customized coffee mug! I like to order mine through Shutterfly. They always do a great job and then you have a valid excuse for the gift being late! You can say it took longer than expected to be made/delivered

- If you have a close relationship with your boss get them a "Brain Break Package". Fill a small gift bag with funny things from the dollar store like silly string, silly putty, or those sticky slappy hands you can fling at windows and walls. Fun stuff like that is sure to bring a smile to your bosses face!

- Offer to buy your boss lunch! Either drop a gift card on their desk to their go-to lunch location or offer to take them yourself and have lunch together to celebrate!

- Have a plant delivered! I think plants are fun, not flowers but real hardy plants. Succulents are nice because they are low maintenance but still green up a room! Make sure to mention "Happy Bosses Day" on the card!

- Make a coffee run with a surprise! When you hit up Starbucks and they ask for the name on the cup, have them write "Happy Bosses Day". It's a small gesture to show your boss that you appreciate them!


If all else fails just say "Happy Bosses Day" to the big man/woman and hope they aren't expecting any special gifts! And Happy Bosses Day to all the hard working leaders out there!