I constantly hear from my friends how its impossible to find the right balance between work and home. They are stressed out beyond words, and at times feel like there's no way to be successful at both. Nobody can relate more than yours truly. I'm the Operations Manager for six radio stations, programming two radio stations, co-hosting the morning show, and sit on various board / commissions.

I found these tips this morning online, and thought I'd share with all of you.

1. Disconnect from your work emails on your phone. This is terribly hard for me! I find myself answering emails and texts until 10:00 at night. Its not healthy to constantly be in work mode! You have to find that ME time to unwind and relax every night.

2. Stay out of office gossip and drama. This is the cancer that rips through many offices / workplaces! Our GM constantly reminds the team to squash it immediately when they hear it.

3. Ask for help when needed. I know this hard for some, but you shouldn't have to shoulder everything yourself. If you truly need some backup or assistance, just ask!

4. Ask for clarification of expectations. I can't stress this enough with my own team. If your not sure about something, don't be afraid to ask! A simple miscommunication, can cause so much unneeded stress and anxiety.

5. Join a group fitness class / gym. I found this to be true personally. I joined Orange Theory Fitness seven weeks ago, and its really helped me find my center.

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