This Saturday, October 14 the National Sports Center in Blaine will attempt to add to Minnesota's great record resume by hosting the world's largest Nerf gun battle! The event -- also being called the "Great Minnesota Blaster Battles" -- will be hosted by Project My Neighborhood (PMN), a non-profit organization that raises funds and awareness for bullying prevention.

According to the event Facebook page, October is National Bullying Month. So what better way to combat bullying (pun intended) than by bringing people of all ages, genders and ethnicities together in a fun, full-scale nerf battle! The goal is 2,200 participants, and funds raised will go to for bullying prevention, to PMN's scholarship and student ambassador program and towards renting a space for year-round events.

This could make for a great event for kids and big kids alike. So dust off your Nerf gun and visit the Great Minnesota Blaster Battles Facebook page for more details.

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