Rochester, Lynnhurst and Blaine all made the list. has put together a list of the 100 Best Places to Live in the U.S. In order to create the rankings, they looked at cities with a population of 50,000 or more. Places with a population of 300,000 were broken down into neighborhoods (example: Lynnhurst). With a total of 1,796 cities to rank, then collected data on various factors including "economic health, cost of living, ethnic and economic diversity, public education, income, health and safety, ease of living, and amenities." Reporters also visited each location, "interviewing residents and searching for the kinds of intangible factors that aren’t revealed by statistics."

When it was all said and done, Rochester (15th), the Lynnhurst neighborhood of Minneapolis (46th) and Blaine (90th) all made the Top 100.

Rochester ranked high on's list in large part due to the Mayo Clinic. Not only are the people of Rochester noted as being the healthiest in the nation and Minnesotans as a whole having some of the highest life expectancy rates in the country, but the presence of the Mayo Clinic is also good for jobs in Rochester. also notes that the average commute time in Rochester is just 17 minutes, employment is projected to grow 5.8% at a county level by 2023, and there are great art, music and family-friendly recreation options.

Lynnhurst is more than just "a picturesque neighborhood located just off of Lake Harriet in southwest Minneapolis." notes that Lynnhurst's schools are highly rated with students boasting above-average national math and reading scores. Minneapolis as a whole also has one of the best park systems in the nation, surrounded by lakes, rivers and bike paths.

Blaine (90th) didn't have much to say about Blaine, though the northern suburb of 67,000 was noted for having a median household income of $84,260, median home price of $254,568, projected job growth of 2.1% and average commute time of 29 minutes.

Bring Me the News notes that the last time (formerly Money Magazine) released their biennial list in 2017, four Minnesota cities made the list -- Eagan, Woodbury, Burnsville and Minnetonka. None of them made the list this time.

The number one ranked best place to live, according to, is Clarksville, TN. Neighboring Midwest cities to also make the list include Madison, WI (8th), Iowa City, IA (19th), Ames, IA (35th), Fargo, ND (47th), Sioux Falls, SD (50th), Des Moines, IA (62nd), and Waukesha, WI (73rd).

Check out the full list here and the methodology here.

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