I continued my quest this past weekend to find another great place to include in my "Day-Cation" series.  My family and I love the Brainerd Lakes Area and decided to take a trip north to visit Paul Bunyan Land.  We had a wonderful time visiting with the owner / operator Lois and her family when we arrived.  She gave us the history of the property and made sure we had all our questions answered before we headed in for an afternoon of fun.

When you first walk into Paul Bunyan Land, your greeted by Paul himself.  No kidding!  He stands (26) foot tall and greets everyone in your party.  I can't fail to mention that Paul's trusty sidekick Babe the Blue Ox hangs out in the parking lot and makes for a great photo op as well.  The staff is top notch and extremely accommodating.  We have a very active six year old and she is just full of questions.  They took time to chat with her and point out things that they knew she would be interested in.  Some of the rides include various Kiddie RidesFerris Wheel, Tilt-a-Whirl, Space Shuttle, Merry-go-Round, Haunted House and even a fun train ride for the entire family dubbed the PBL EXPRESS.

A big highlight for us was visiting This Old Farm Pioneer Village which adjoins Paul Bunyan Land.  Its like you took a big step back in history.  From the old school house to the various places to peak inside on Main Street, your entire family will have a great time exploring all the historic relics and antiques inside the village.  Being a former volunteer firefighter, I enjoyed seeing the antique fire apparatus and ringing the bell at the old church.  My daughter Macy was able to jump aboard the old fashion wagon and get a free ride around the village. We wrapped up our visit with a good time at the playground (features some old fashion swings / slides) defiantly a place where you can relax / unwind.

Some other things to enjoy at Paul Bunyan Land include the Old Tyme Photo Shop, Petting Zoo and Lumberjack Cafe for lunch.  This was definitely worth the (50) minute drive and can't wait to come back very soon.  Lois mentioned a great time to visit would be August 11th and 12th.  They have an annual event called "Show Days" where This Old Farm Pioneer Village literally comes alive (log sawing, rope making and shingle making).

For more information on Paul Bunyan Land / This Old Farm Pioneer Village Click Here, to learn more about the folklore / tradition surrounding Paul Bunyan Click Here

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