I LOVE PEEPS! I know that they are a pretty polarizing candy. You either love or hate the, there is no third option. The sugar coated marshmallow snack is following Oreo's lead and coming out with crazy flavors! Here is a list of the new flavors and where you can get a package of them!


1.  Sour cherry should be available on most grocery store shelves.

2.  Neapolitan will be available at Target.

3.  Lemon sherbet dipped in fudge will also be found at Target.

4.  Orange sherbet dipped in fudge will be on Target shelves .

5.  Pancakes and Syrup, at Kroger (the nearest one is Fargo).

6.  And three mystery flavors, available at Walmart. They were also available last year, no telling if they are the same mysteries or not.

I just want to put it out there that I am in fact willing to drive all the way to Fargo to get Pancakes and Syrup Peeps. I am that die hard when it comes to my Easter candy. All of these new flavors should be on store shelves soon, I actually saw a Peeps display at the Sartell Walmart this morning already! Which one of these do you love the idea of or absolutely hate? Share your opinions in the comments!

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