Wait, did we just get done celebrating Christmas or Easter? Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it's spring. Even though there was deep, measurable snow on the ground this year, my family still had a good time.


It was special to us because it was my son Charlie's first Easter. I had no idea how much more fun holidays could be once you become a parent. I had so much fun seeing the joy in his little face when he saw his Easter basket for the first time.

He's not old enough to really understand what was going on, but you could tell that he knew it was something exciting. The Easter bunny made a special stop to our house and left him a few books to look at.

Charlie helped me make cheesy potatoes to bring to Easter number one, but he didn't really enjoy that very much. We spent most of our Easter in the car driving to grandma's house and back. Charlie got to sleep...a lot. We managed to snap ONE family photo and unfortunately it's of the back of Dave's head. That's pretty much our family in a nutshell.

I hope you had a fun, relaxing weekend with your family. Share your Easter pictures with us in the comments below!

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