The holidays are over and you have a dead tree dropping needles into your carpet. Time for that thing to GO! Curbside pickup for trees is happening Monday January 7th, and Monday the 14th in St. Cloud. But if you want to get a little more crafty and recycle-y with it, try some of these!

1. Turn it into coasters - Saw the trunk into 1 inch thick circles, sand and cover in polyurethane. Ta-da! No more rings from cups on the coffee table.

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2. Insulate Perennial Flower Beds - Cut off boughs and lay them over perennial beds to protect them from snow.

3. Feed the Birds - Move the tree and the stand outdoors and hand suet and bird feeders from it. Our feathered friends will thank you!

4. Rent a Wood Chipper - Get a few neighbors together and split the cost. When spring comes spread the wood chips under shrubs to help suppress weeds. General Rental Center has them in St. Cloud.

5. Start a Fire (Safely) - OUTDOORS ONLY! Cut up the tree and use the dead dry branches to help light up your next fire in your outdoor fire pit.

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