I grew up with real Christmas trees.

Some of my fondest Christmas memories are going out with my family to a tree farm and cutting down our own tree, bagging it up and bringing it home. I remember the smell of fir in our living room and my dad watering the Christmas tree every few days. Real Christmas trees are a quintessential part of my childhood holidays.

Now that I'm older, my preference is still real Christmas trees, but for convenience sake (and legality), my wife and I have done artificial trees the past couple years. We did cut down our own tree and put it up in our apartment three years ago before discovering our apartment complex didn't allow them. It also made a mess when it came time to throw it away. The artificial trees are hard to beat for convenience, but I can't wait to have our own home and go back to using real Christmas trees.

Curious to know which type of Christmas tree Central Minnesotans favor, we took to the Mix 94.9 Facebook page with a poll. Results were relatively close, but artificial trees proved to be preferred.

Talking about the topic on-air, one listener shared...


Which type of Christmas tree do you like better -- real or artificial?

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