Thanksgiving's over, and it's finally, socially and officially acceptable to begin putting up Christmas decorations! As a matter of fact, my wife and I put up our Christmas tree yesterday.

Now, this was kind of a big deal for us as it kicked off a list of firsts as a newly married couple, including:

- First Christmas season
- First Christmas tree hunting experience
- First Christmas tree cutting experience
- First Christmas tree carrying-up-a-flight-of-stairs-to-our-second-story-apartment experience
- First trying-to-keep-our-Christmas-tree-upright-in-its-stand experience
- First stringing the Christmas tree with lights experience
- First being corrected by wife for incorrectly stringing Christmas lights experience
- First listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas album on vinyl experience
- First looking through and laughing at Christmas ornaments experience
- First decorating our Christmas tree experience
- First hanging stockings experience
- First stepping back and appreciating our first Christmas tree together experience

Needless to say, decorating for Christmas was no small matter for my wife and me this year, and we look forward to many more years' worth of decorating to come.

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