A recent survey by YouGov asked people what they top their Christmas tree with.

According to the 2,772 adults surveyed, a star was the most common tree-topper at 39% of votes. An angel was second most common (23%) followed by "something else" (8%).

When I was a kid, my mom had an antique, ceramic angel she placed at the top of our Christmas tree. My wife, now that I'm married, puts a simple, wooden star at the top of our tree.

Curious to know what other Minnesotans put atop their Christmas trees, we took to the Mix 94.9 Facebook tree with a poll.

A whopping 72% of the 109 votes said they put a star on the top of their Christmas tree; the other 28% said they put an angel on top.

We also encouraged people to share in the comment section if they put something else on top or nothing at all.

"My parents put a Norwegian Santa on top and my mother-in-law has a top hat on top, this year," shared Darcy.

"I don't do either as our Trees are usually to [sic] tall!" said Tricia.

"Sometimes a bow," said Rebecca. "Festive berries or those red dogwood branches."

"Star and a butterfly under it," shared Michelle.

What do YOU put on top of your Christmas tree?

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