Once September rolls around everyone suddenly falls in love with Autumn. The changing leaves, pumpkin patches, vests layered over flannel and of course breaking out the Uggs. I love soft boots just as much as the next girl, but in reality Fall isn't all that great. Here are five reasons why:

1. The days are so short!

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8 PM feels like midnight when sunset is at 6 PM. I personally am a fan of daylight. Something about walking through parking lots in the dark just doesn't make my day.

2. Fashion Vests.

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Is it winter on your chest and summer on your arms? Be a jacket or be nothing!

3. Autumn Colors.

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This one is more of a personal grievance, the burnt oranges and reds of fall don't do my skin tone justice.

4. We Rush Through It

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Christmas displays are put up in stores before Thanksgiving even gets mentioned, we don't even give Halloween a chance, and Black Friday "deals" are now a year round thing!


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And hands down the worst part of Fall is Cold and Flu Season. With the fluctuation in temperatures from day to day, people spending more time indoors, and seasonal allergies, it is prime time for Cold and Flu season. I have been battling one for the past three days and it is no fun.


Do you agree with me that Autumn really isn't that great or do you think it's the best time of the year? Let me know in the comments!