Photos and videos of fall colors in Northern Minnesota are giving us all the autumn vibes.

This week marks the changing of seasons from summer to fall (Wednesday, September 22), but Minnesota's colors may be changing earlier than normal. Photos and videos shared to the Minnesota thread of Reddit reveal a stunning array of colors already setting in up north.

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"Colors are changing in Northern Minnesota," captioned Reddit user u/snoman81 with his photo.

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"Noooooo! I barely had a summer," mourned one person in the comment section.

"Couldn’t believe it when we were up by Alexandria. It is beautiful, but too soon!" commented another.

"Fall colors at Lutsen this weekend," Reddit user u/SurelyFurious captioned his video.

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"Awesome view, praised one in the comment section. "Itasca was just starting to turn this weekend too."

Reddit user u/tatkats also posted a photo of fall colors in Lutsen.

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According to the Minnesota DNR website, as of September 19 most of Minnesota is in 10%-25% of peak season; some areas -- mostly up north -- are in 25-50% peak. Expectations remain that Minnesota's summer drought conditions will play a significant factor in earlier fall colors. "The drought has already had an impact," Val Cervenka, the Minnesota DNR's forest health program coordinator, told Bring Me The News in August. "I have reports of leaves already changing color."

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