I vividly remember the first snowfall of the 2020 fall/winter season. I was stuck at home due to being exposed to COVID-19, I hadn't actually gotten it, but I had been near someone who had so I had to work from home for the week.

As I was typing away on my computer from the couch in the living room, I had a marathon of the Halloweentown movies going on Disney+ for background noise, and to set the mood as Halloween was fast approaching.

As I glanced up from my computer screen, I looked out the window to see flurries falling from the sky. And not just thin, squint-to-see-them flurries, these were the real deal. Swirling white snow falling from the sky before Halloween, I wasn't mentally prepared for that.

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The snow didn't stick around on the ground long, but it was there long enough for my dog to have some fun running around in it. Shortly after that, the temperatures soared back into the 70s for the deer hunting opener the first week of November. The second week of deer hunting was a different tale, as real snow came through and brought a cold snap with it.

When can we expect the first snow to fall in Minnesota this year?

According to CurrentResults.com and based on climate data gathered from 1981-2010, the first snow should appear in November:

The first snowfall of winter for Minneapolis usually arrives in November. But at least once every four years, snow comes as early as October.

Last year was the October snowfall year, so let's cross our fingers and hope we can wait another four years before that happens again. No one wants to trick or treat in a snowsuit.

According to the Old Farmers Almanac though, we could see snow as early as October 8th. Their long-range forecast for St. Cloud shows snow and cold for October 8th - 20th.

Hold onto these warm and sunny days as long as you can, they're numbered.

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