Let's face it.  There's going to be some places in your home that are going to be left a little,  shall we say....'Left in shambles.'  Here are the places that are OKAY to have a little messy...and with good reason.



Typically in the kitchen?   It's full of everything from scissors, to pens, to tape, to whatever else doesn't have a home.  It's okay to throw some stuff together if there's no other "place" to put it.



Scrapbooking?  Sure!  I love that idea. It's just that I don't have time to breath, let alone figure out which pictures I want to put on pretty paper, with glitter and glue.  Instead, find a pretty, and inexpensive decor box, and place it in your living room, throw all of your photos in the box, and let your friends sift through them when they come over.  It's fun to do, too.



Now depending on where this room is in your house....typically the laundry room is a work place that usually has non stop traffic.  Make it easy for you to reach your detergent, and dryer sheets...hanging clothes up to dry....It's just going to be a little bit messy on a regular basis.  That's okay...just let it go.



Okay...The toy room.  My key to survival was having about 6 different labeled bins to throw toys in.  Let the kids dig out only one at a time, and throw the toys back in the bin before digging out another one.  My kids were really good about this...It's usually when guests come over that they get a little excited, don't know the house rules and empty every container in the childs bedroom.  If this happens, yes...It's time for a good sifting through, to make sure the right toys get in the right bins.  But regularly, the kids will probably end up with their favorite toys and favorite bins....and throwing all the "like" toys in one convenient location will clean up the room enough to be deemed "appropriate.".



I'm a fan of putting them all in one drawer.  My boyfriend has his kitchen so organized  I feel afraid to go there and cook for him.  If you have the room to put things in their own separate nice place, that's great  If's okay to put then all in one drawer location.  We cook everyday....and as long as their clean and make it easy on time, go for it.



Some of you have tons of polish, and with summer on the'll be changing your toe color every night.  Just keep a small bin in the bathroom or closet with all your colors, remover, and nail necessities together.  That way you can dig it your nails...and put it all back together in a nice neat little compartment.