Oh the goodness of strawberries, if you're like me you love strawberries. Here's some handy tips when dealing with the ambrosia of fruit.

  • Cleaning - A neat trick is to insert a plastic straw from the bottom up and push it all the way through the top of the fruit and this will take the stem and leaves right with it.
  • Rinsing - Do just that only rinse your strawberries, if you soak them they retain water.
  • Stains - To remove strawberry stains from your hands try using a paste of cornmeal mixed with lemon juice and rub your hands with that solution (works with most fruit stains).

Generally speaking while buried in the kitchen, if you require fruit to be skinned, simply blanch your fruit in boiling water for roughly 45 seconds and you will have naked fruit.

A special thanks to Graham and Rosemary Haley for being a valuable source of information (www.haleyshints.com). I had an opportunity to chat with Graham on air once in my career and was amazed at some of things I learned.

i attached a neat video in regards to cleaning, decorating and dipping strawberries for your enjoyment. Dig in !