One might think that putting something in the freezer it will last forever, but that's no the case especially dealing with meats and that's a lot of money in the trash if it spoils.

  • Cooked meats - if you simply add your gravy or sauce to the cooked meat it will avoid any drying out while in the freezer.
  • Raw meats - before freezing, remove the foam tray it comes in, it becomes a health issue if you don't do this.
  • Stews, Sauces and Soups - Have a strong plastic bag to put these in, then put that in a square plastic container, because it will save space in your freezer and take the shape of your container. When you take it out of your freezer, simple put the plastic bag in boiling water and you've got a mess-free dinner.
  • Hamburgers - If you plan on putting these in the freezer don't add salt, because that cause spoilage. When salt and fat are combined it will shorten the freezer life span of your burgers.

Hope some of these tips help, I practice them and it's made a big difference on how I do things, plus it saves me money.

A special thanks to Graham and Rosemary Haley for being a valuable source of information ( I had an opportunity to chat with Graham on air once in my career and was amazed at some of things I learned.

How long can you freeze meat? The video attached should help answer that age old question.