The nice thing about tips and hints is that they are great learning tools but foremost a great way to save money using simple things around the house and do-it-yourself.

Showers can sometimes be a pain to maintain and keep clean just for the simple fact we use them everyday and that can be hard on them. hopefully these tips will save the day and prolong the use of your shower for years to come.

  • Shower Walls - A nice shine might want you to stay in the shower and never leave. You can apply car wax to the shower tiles and it works similar to rainwater on your car finish and nice if you have hard water.
  • Shower curtains - Soap film can be a pain to remove but if you use a 1/2 cup of vinegar and throw in two large towels with your shower curtain in your washing machine, just make sure you remove the curtain before the spin cycle and hang it up to dry.
  • Shower Doors -  For a clean shower door again vinegar comes in handy for this. Use white vinegar to wash the doors with and then wipe dry. For soap scum you can use lemon oil to clean that off and re-live the luster as if they were new.
  • Shower Heads - As we all know hard water is real rough on anything and create lime deposits a lot faster than soft water but one thing you can do is remove the shower head and place in boiling water with equal parts vinegar. You will see a big difference.
  • Shower Tracks - If you ever get those shower doors that start to stick, simply apply some petroleum jelly on the inside of the tracks and should work like new and will also help prevent rust.
  • Shower Drains - Clogging is an issue especially when it comes to hair, place some nylon netting in the drain, it dries quick and then remove from the drain and take the hair with you.

Every little bit helps when it comes to maintaining a household, regardless what type of household it is. Having to call someone to come do it for you could run you up a pretty penny.

Next week look for cleaning small appliances, i.e.; blenders,mixers, can openers etc...

A special thanks to Graham and Rosemary Haley for being a valuable source of information ( I had an opportunity to chat with Graham on air once in my career and was amazed at some of things I learned.

Attached is a video of tips on dealing with hard water stains on showers, tubs, sinks and even toilets.

Have a nice day and happy cleaning!