Sometimes the best way to know what to get Mom for Mother's Day is knowing what NOT to get Mom for Mother's Day.

I've found that sometimes the best way to decide on the right gift is to know what the wrong gift is first. Here are seven things you definitely don't want to get your mom this Mother's Day (unless you know she really really wants it):

The Thunder Cats via Amazon

Unless mom's really into World War, the Tribulation or Kirk Cameron, she doesn't need this.

Back to the Roots via Amazon

Some moms are really into growing their own food. If yours is not, this gift probably isn't for her.

Amazon Prime via Amazon

Unless your mom's a scientist or homeschooling, I can't imagine why she'd need these. If she does, though, I'd get the 2-year accident protection plan.

HB&S Solutions via Amazon

This one should go without saying. (Though Father's Day is June 17...)

qazilias via Amazon

Again, unless your mom's really into heavy metal or unique clocks, she could probably do without this one. In fact, she'd probably prefer knowing it doesn't even exist.

Designsify via Amazon

If your mom's name isn't Cynthia, this one may lead to more confusion than the gift is worth. You might, however, be able to find this one with your mother's actual name if you think she may still like it.

Zoo Med via Amazon

Unless everyone's agreed to go in on a reptile and terrarium for mom this year, she probably won't need this. I do hear these are nice to have in your work space during the Summertime, though.

I hope this helps you find the right gift for your mom this Mother's Day!

Something your mother may actually enjoy getting this year is an Alexa device! If nothing else, it's entertaining to talk to:


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