Mother's Day is Sunday. Here are a few facts about the day celebrating the special lady in your life.

Mother's Day actually started in a very sad way. It was created by Anna Jarvis, whose mother, Ann Jarvis passed away on May 9, 1907. There was a small service held on May 12, 1907 at the church where her mother taught Sunday school. The first "official" service was held on the second Sunday in May, one year later. Anna campaigned to make it a national, and then international holiday. It wasn't until May 9, 1911 that then President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed the second Sunday in May would would be dedicated as Mother's Day.

Many kids buy their mom roses on Mother's Day, but did you know that carnations are the official flower of Mother's Day? It happened when Anna Jarvis delivered 500 of the flowers for the church service honoring her mother in 1908. Anna said that the carnation was her mom's favorite flower, and long ago it was a custom for moms to wear a carnation on Mother's Day.

Did you know that Mother's Day sees the highest volume of phone calls than any other day of the year? Since 1989, people say that they are more likely to stay in daily contact with their parents. The spike is attributed to free long distance, and the advent of email and texting.

So, what if your wife/partner or girlfriend is just pregnant? Should you buy a Mother's Day gift for her? Survey says that pregnant women say they would like some sort Mother's Day acknowledgment and three out of five pregnant women say they would like a gift.