Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid
I remember when I was looking for a job and when that phone finally rang, I was so excited to finally get the opportunity to show them what I was made of. When you get called in for an interview, here are a few things to avoid.
What to Do If You Hate Your Job
We’re coming to the end of a very long week. I’ve been asking if it’s Friday since Tuesday. It’s not because I hate my job. It’s just because we have friends coming in from out of town and we can’t wait t…
How to Land a Seasonal Job
As much as we don’t want to hear about it, the time is here for holiday hiring. If you’re looking for work, or just a little extra cash, here are a few pointers on how to land seasonal employment.
Telecommuting Myths Busted
Congratulations! You get to work from home! You don't have to get dressed, you get to save on gas, sleep in later and avoid traffic, but there are some myths about working from home that may have been busted.
The Best Things to Say in a Job Interview
When we walk away from a job interview, hopefully we feel good about what we said and how we interacted with the person or people interviewing us. Some of us are good at what we do, but we aren't the best in an interview situation. Here are a few pointers to use so we can nail the interview and…

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