Congratulations! You get to work from home! You don't have to get dressed, you get to save on gas, sleep in later and avoid traffic, but there are some myths about working from home that may have been busted.

Glen and I have a home studio, so sometimes he is lucky enough to be able to work from home and we are so grateful; especially on snow days where getting out of the driveway is tricky. While working from home is nice, sometimes it's not all its cracked up to be.

You Set Your Own Hours

This isn't exactly true. Sure, it's true sometimes, but business hours are almost always 8am to 5pm. Unless you have a special agreement with your boss, you need to be available during regular business hours, so even if you think you get to sleep in until 10 because you're working from home; think again. One of the bright sides though is that if you want to do an 8am conference call in your robe and slippers, you can. However;

You Get to Hang Out in Your Jammies

What do you want to do when you're hanging out in your jammies? Go back to bed? Watch TV? Certainly "work" is not on that list, so if you do get to work from home, do what Glen does. Glen wakes up at his usual time, showers and gets ready and wears exactly what he would wear if he were going into the office. It goes with the philosophy of "look good, do better."

You Get More Time for Yourself

Wrong again. Maybe because you don't have to leave home an hour before you need to get to work, so there's a little extra sleeping time built in, but bosses who let their employees work from home expect the same results that they would get if you were in the office. One of my relatives worked for a company where his job was solely results driven, so if he got his expected workload for the day done by 12:30, he could still go grocery shopping or pick the kids up early from daycare, he just had to make sure he was still available by phone and email. Again, you'll likely need to chat with your supervisor about hours, but the idea of lying on the couch watching soaps and eating bon bons may have to leave your head.