The business world is an ever changing place. I've even witnessed it in radio. Sometimes traditional wisdom doesn't always apply. Here are four things we're doing that may be killing our careers.


Yep. Staying too long at the party could work against you. Remember when companies used to value loyal employees who spent their whole career at one place? That's not the case anymore. It could just be that you're like me and you like what you do and where you're at, but apparently potential employers see it differently. Potential employers may see you stayed and stayed and stayed at one job and think that you're afraid of change or are unwilling to adapt to their way of doing things.

Being Too Good

If you're too good at things, especially if you don't like doing it, you'll get stuck doing it all the time. So, if you don't like doing something, do it poorly or break something so you don't have to do it anymore. That way, you won't be tied up doing something you hate when the task you really want comes your way. I used to get stuck doing all of the left over commercials that came in late and there was one day I had 26 commercials to produce before the end of my shift. On a normal day, most of us have one maybe two to produce. I did some of them well, but for the rest of them I blew it. That was the last time I was forced to do 26 commercials in one day.

Being Quiet

Your instinct likely tells you to not to disagree with the head honcho, but sometimes if you have a different opinion or an idea of your own, say something. If you work for a good supervisor, they welcome different opinions and new ideas. If you work for someone who doesn't want to hear different opinions and new ideas, chances are your supervisor sucks and you don't want to work for them anyway. I remember we were in a pickle here, and I stepped up and figured some things out, and volunteered to do something that piled on top of what I normally do and I was seen as a leader and a valued member of the team, so don't forget to speak up.

Recommending Friends

Sure, it's fun to work with your friends, but sticking your neck out and recommending them for a job at your company could backfire. It seems like a smart idea to help friends and do favors for people, but if you recommend someone and they fall on their face, your integrity is shot. Or, you could recommend someone for a job, they get hired and do better than you and are offered your position when you're getting fired.