Summer Olympic News

Random Olympics Left Overs
I must say I am a little sad that the Olympics are over. Other sports are getting going and I'm a huge hockey fan, but I'm really going to miss the Olympics. Here are a few last random facts about the London 2012 Games.
Olympics Update – Day 13
The U.S. took home more medals yesterday, are now beating China and have broken our all time gold medal record, Usain Bolt took more more hardware yesterday and made more history. Are the U.S. women's gymnasts going wild in London?
Olympic Update – Day 12
We won 11 medals over seven events Wednesday and there was some pretty big news on the medal front. What do the winners do on the podium, who is the most clicked on athlete, how much will the soccer team win if they grab the gold medal today, what do other athletes win if they medal who sent athlete…
What Does it Take to Be an Olympian?
Do you watch the Olympics in amazement like I do? Do you ever sit there and wonder what it takes to do what these athletes are accomplishing? So do I so I looked it up. You want to be an Olympic athlete? Here's what you need.
Olympic Update – Huge Weekend for U.S.
How many medals did we win over the weekend, how long does it take to win a medal, why you should know the name Oscar Pistorius, another Olympian got sent home and another wonderful display of sportsmanship.
Olympics Update – Day Seven
The U.S. won eight medals yesterday and in the process, history was made. How many of them were gold? How is the movie The Hunger Games playing in to the London Olympics and how is Ann Romney's horse doing?
The Dating Olympics?
If dating were an Olympic event, who would medal more and who would medal in which event? This isn't going where you think it is.
Olympics Recap – Day Five
More records were broken yesterday, basketball drama, a hilarious story about a kayaker, which school has won the most medals, which Olympic athlete do you look like and who won medals yesterday and what's the medal count?
Great Displays of Olympic Sportsmanship
The Olympic spirit seems to reignite every four years along with the flame on the torch. As the Games are now underway in London, let’s look back on a few displays of extraordinary Olympic sportsmanship.

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