If dating were an Olympic event, who would medal more and who would medal in which event? This isn't going where you think it is.

According to dating website Match, American singles are going for the gold for most dates. Roughly three out of four people they surveyed said that they have gone on more than two dates in the last year. Canada takes the silver with 70 percent and the United Kingdom takes bronze with 68 percent. The U.S. and Canada are winning the dating race thanks to bold women. Two out of three women say that they have asked a man out on a date.

The Aussies get the gold for most likely to kiss on the first date with 39 percent of them saying that they would kiss on the first date and even though it's called "French kissing", the French are out of medal contention by saying that they actually take their time with 52 percent of them saying that they would wait until they're in an exclusive relationship before kissing. And the French say that they also do not talk about their post date activities with their friends and coworkers while the Americans get the gold in that category with 92 percent of them admitting they spill at least some of the details with their pals.

Who gets the gold for paying? Women in Japan say that they pay all the time on a first date. The French are least likely to pay and there are four countries including the United States tied for silver.

Australia takes the gold again for public displays of affection. They're more likely to tolerate it and participate in PDAs such as hand holding and the Aussies are most likely to engage in more than hand holding.

Japan takes the gold for believing in love at first sight with 82 percent saying it exists. The U.K. takes the silver with 58 percent believing in it. Japan also scores gold for quickest to move in together.