I must say I am a little sad that the Olympics are over. Other sports are getting going and I'm a huge hockey fan, but I'm really going to miss the Olympics. Here are a few last random facts about the London 2012 Games.

Swimmer Michael Phelps has called it a career as the London 2012 Olympics came to a close. He has 22 medals to his name and that's quite impressive considering he only started competing in the Olympics in 2004. If Michael Phelps were a country, he would rank 37th on the list of all time Olympic medal winners. He's actually ahead of Argentina, Australia, Iran, Jamaica and Kazakhstan in the medal count. If the U.S. womens' Olympic delegation were a country, they would be tied for third for gold medals and fifth of all time.

Across all of the London Olympic grounds, there were 25 marriage proposals. No word on how many yesses there were or babies born with the name Velodrome, Michael or Gold.

The Country of Grenada, a small island nation in the Caribbean Sea won its first medal ever at the London Games as Kirani James took gold in the 400 meter sprint. I like this guy. Maybe even more than Usain Bolt. Kirani James was the one who asked Oscar Pistorious to switch bibs after competing against him in one of the semi final races. Even though Grenada won its first medal ever, they actually have a higher people to medal ratio than the U.S.. Grenada has one medal for every 100 thousand people. The U.S. has one medal for every three million people.

It cost a total of three billion dollars to put on the games, and another 11 billion for security, preparation and construction.