Facebook made another modification without your knowledge or consent. Whether you know it or not, your facebook email changed. Here's how to change it back.

Facebook removed your regular email from your profile and switched it to an @facebook.com email. The social media website created their own email system two years ago, but everyone seemed to ignore it and Facebook probably didn't like that too much, so they changed everyone over to their @facebook.com email and didn't say anything. Here's how to change it back.

When you're cruising your profile, go to your "About" and under your "Contact Info" you should see your email address. There should be an upside down triangle next to your email address. Click on the triangle. There should be a drop down menu that says "Shown on Timeline" and "Hidden from Timeline". Click the circle that says "Hidden from Timeline". Then click on the upside down triangle next to the email address you want to use and click on "Shown on Timeline". Don't forget to save your changes.

Do you know why Facebook went public? The couldn't figure out the privacy settings, either.

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