As a parent I can attest to the fact that stuffed animals are not cheap, especially when you get into the 'branded' stuffies like Disney or Nintendo characters. As a matter of fact, we had to talk my son out of buying a $55 (!!) Mario Kart stuffy at Nickelodeon Universe just last week!

However, that Bullet Bill stuffed animal has NOTHING on this giant fox stuffed animal at Kohl's in St. Cloud. My kid spotted it first and basically yelped when he saw it. "MOM LOOK IT IS SOOO CUTE."

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We had already learned our lesson with giant stuffed animals, specifically how difficult it is to finally get rid of them. I still have nightmares about the giant Smurf I was forced to gut with a utility knife so that it would fit in our garbage. Even Gargamel would say what I was doing was messed up if he had seen me.

Despite knowing all of this we decided to humor him by at least checking the price tag of the giant fox (which must have been almost six feet tall). When I saw the price tag I almost passed smooth out: $700! 

Listen, the fox is cute and I would imagine someone who is REALLY into foxes might think about splurging $700 on this specialty item. Sadly, that person is not me. Sometimes I feel bad telling my kid no... but this was definitely not one of those times.

For seven hundred bucks this thing better have some very impressive magical qualities. I'm talking golden eggs, wish granting and/or it can talk and babysit my children for that price. Or as my wife said "For that price this thing better be capable of getting a job and bringing in some income."

Like this giant sloth from 2019, selfies are encouraged with the fox but climbing on said fox is expressly forbidden.

The tag attached to the fox reads:

"Smile BIG and snap a selfie with the fox! Selfies are OK, but for safety reasons please DO NOT climb on the fox."

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