I can honestly say I have not watched a single episode of "Jersey Shore." I do know they make way to much money for what they do though!

The sixth season of the show will start filming this summer and RadarOnline has the insane salaries for the cast members. In all seriousness, are we addicted to this show that much that they will be back for their sixth season? What they do to earn their salaries is nothing compared to the rest of us that work our butts off to barley get by. Maybe that's why I don't watch their show.

Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D get the most. They each make $150,000 per episode. There will roughly be 12 episodes. That comes out to about $1.8 million. Pick your jaw up from the keyboard and get this! They also get a $400,000 signing bonus and another $200,000 bonus after the seasons wraps. And if they do reunion episodes they will get another $150,000 for each!! I kid you not! The grand total is approximately $2.55 Million. What?!?

The rest of the cast won't get paid as much, but still a nice HUGE chunk of change. JWoww makes $100,000 per episode, and Vinny rakes in $90,000. Ronnie and Sammi each make $80,000 per episode. This is more than what most of us make working a "regular" person job for TWO years and they get that per episode. Deena makes the least, only $40,000 per episode. Gym, Tan, Laundry is not that expensive!

Why do people watch this show? If you do, I'm not going to yell at you for it, but what do these people do to get over $2 Million? I'm curious to see your thoughts. Comment below why you watch or why you don't watch the show!

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