As far as Minnesotans are concerned, a new world record was set over the weekend for the largest game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck ever played.

As far as the rest of the country sees it, we failed. Epically.

One hundred eight people showed up at Canterbury Park in Shakopee Saturday to set the world record for the largest game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck. The current world record for the largest game of "Duck, Duck, Goose," however, stands at 2,135 players. By sheer Minnesotan stubbornness, however, it seems that event organizers Gray Duck Vodka and Canterbury Park have persisted in claiming the 108 attendees were enough to set a new record.

"Huge thanks to all who participated in the Worlds Largest Game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck at Canterbury Park today," they shared on Facebook with a video of the event.

Fox 9 seems to have confirmed the news, while Bring Me the News takes a more skeptical approach.

"It turns out 100 or so people isn't enough to break the world record for largest game of 'Duck, Duck, Gray Duck' ever. Unless you count it as a separate game from 'Duck, Duck, Goose...'"

"Duck, Duck, Goose," of course, is what the rest of the country calls the same game Minnesotans insist on calling "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck." So, really, it all comes down to semantics -- if "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" really is a different game than "Duck, Duck, Goose," then Minnesotans can claim the title for largest game of "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck." If, however, we admit that the two are the same game by different names, then Minnesotans cannot, in fact, claim the title of largest game ever played.

Of course, as noted before, Minnesotans are a stubborn folk, and hell has a better chance at freezing over before they'll admit "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" and "Duck, Duck, Goose" are the same game and give up their newly "earned" title.

(This piece was written by an Illinoian who grew up playing "Duck, Duck, Goose"...the correct name of the game.)

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