Isn't it great when we can all come together and work towards a cause? Even if that cause doesn't necessarily contribute to the greater good.

Fans at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul for a Minnesota Wild game constructed a massive cup snake, and a video of it was share to the Hockey Night Canada Twitter page:

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In the video, fans and cup holders can be heard chanting "need more cups" even though the snake wrapped from sections 213-215 in the main concourse.

The original videographer goes by @GirlandVino on Twitter, and shared a bunch of tweets of her video making it's way to places like ESPN and the NHL Instagram page.

The cup snake itself was verified by the Minnesota wild to be 247 feet long once completed, which broke a world record. You might recall that this past summer the St. Paul Saints attempted to set the record for the longest cup snake, and made one that was 102 feet back in July.

This one made at Xcel Energy Center more than doubled it.

Just out of curiosity, I looked into the cost of a beer at Xcel Energy Center. The average cost is about $6.50. That's a lot of money spent on building a snake, but as I mentioned above, when we all come together as a society we can do amazing things.

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