According to the Gregorian Calendar, the first day of Spring is still about two weeks away. But here in Central Minnesota we have a different standard for the beginning and end of seasons -- namely, when the local Dairy Queens are open!

St. Cloud's Dairy Queen Treat and Sauk Rapid's Dairy Queen both opened last Friday, February 28 kicking off, as far as we're concerned, Spring in the listening area. St. Cloud's Red Barn Dairy Queen opened for the 2020 season a tad earlier at the end of January. With temps in the 40's over the weekend, we took to Facebook to ask listeners to share their favorite DQ treats:

"Hot fudge sundae with pecans," -- Linda.

"Royal strawberry cheesecake blizzard," -- Kelly.

"Large caramel sundae with crunch," -- Craig.

"Peanut buster parfait," -- Doris.

"Butterfinger Blizzard" -- Stevie.

Mark Thursday, March 19 in your calendar still -- Dairy Queen typically celebrates the first day of Spring by offering free soft serve ice cream cones!

What's YOUR favorite DQ treat?

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