Everyone wants a shiny new thing. Especially when it's something as cool as an iPad. I've tinkered with one and they're really, really neat. They also cost a pretty penny and Apple just released the latest version and I WANT ONE, but I found some reasons to wait. 

1. It's Not an iPad 3 - That's what we were all excited about! We wanted an iPad 3, not The New iPad, or iPad 2.5 which is basically what this one is. So, don't sell yourself short. You deserve an iPad 3 so wait a little bit. It will be here before you know it.

2. The iPad 3, 4, 5, and 6 - If there's one thing Apple is good at, it's making and launching their products quickly and slapping a "new and improved" sticker on the box. If you already bought the new iPad, you may be the envy of your friends now, but in six months when iPad 3 comes out, you'll be drooling.

3. iPad 2 is on Sale - Word on the street is that the iPad 2 prices are going to drop. A lot. So, get to Googling, sister and repeat after me, "but, it was on sale!"

4. It Doesn't Even Have a Name! - If I'm plunking down a nice chunk of change for something, I want it to be called something. Anything. Even Fran would have been fine. Come up with a name!

5. Spend Your Money Somewhere Else - $500 is a lot of money to spend on an electronic gadget. Instead of spending that money on one thing, spend it on an experience. Have a weekend getaway and buy a digital camera to take pictures on said getaway so you can look at the pictures and think, "That was money very well spent."

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