I grew up in Long Prairie, Minnesota and because of it I feel like I was ripped off of a good trick-or-treating experience. Here is why.

1. The weather in this state is unpredictable. It could be snowing, it could be raining, it could be 70 degrees and sunny. Most of the time it was ungodly cold and I had to wear a winter jacket, hat, and mittens when I went out on Halloween. It totally defeated the purpose of wearing a costume.

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2. If you live out of town your parents have to take you. They choose which houses you stop at (grandma's, aunts, cousins) and that's that. No arguing to stop at the cool house that is decorated to the nines for the holiday. We had another relative to visit.



3. It gets dark REALLY early. Sunset is at 6:04 PM on Halloween. You had to hope that you didn't have any after school activities on Halloween because if you did, most houses would be out of candy by that time, and it would be dark. A lose lose situation.

My 3rd grade class at a Halloween party! Aww memories.


4. Going out trick-or-treating with your friends wasn't an option. All my friends lived on different sides of town, way outside of city limits. If we all wanted to go tick-or-treating together we had to coordinate rides, drop off and pick up times, and had to have our moms talk to the other moms. It was just too much hassle.

Don't take this the wrong way, I love where I grew up! I just feel like my childhood trick-or-treating experience could have been a lot better if I had grown up in a more suburban area. What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!