You know what they say about opinions. They are like a certain part of the human anatomy, as in everyone has one and they genuinely stink. I saw a recent online opinion about Trunk or Treat events that kind of got me fired up, but also made me think at the same time. The online user makes some good points, but ultimately the point that they are making boils down to us looking in the mirror at ourselves.

Reddit User MarsNeedsMeth posted to the r/Minnesota Reddit thread that their opinion about trick or treating and trunk or treating have changed what kids are doing on Halloween night. They also didn't hold back.

Halloween seemed lame this year. Many felt it. Kids felt it. I live in a destination neighborhood and we were down. Not even the rascal teens were out. Then I saw the Rec center Como St. Paul PACKED. Trunk or treat. My god. What a horrific DESECRATION of Halloween. Just buy a bag and go home if that’s what you’re gonna do. Hell, order it from Amazon. Then you don’t have to do sh**! Trunk or treat… 10 minutes of kids going to strangers' cars while sitting in your car playing bloonstd6. Sweet game but that’s lame. Probably the lamest. You run around your neighborhood, in the dark, on Halloween. You scream and yell and run through yards. Parents hand out candy. None of this help yourself bowl bullsh**. Godda***t it’s one night! The best night of the year for kids. On par with Christmas Eve…yeah… that’s right. And we’re ruining it!! Trunk or treat…meet a neighbor for once in your life. We know the names of all Middle Eastern leaders, who played Spider-Man after Toby McGuire and the second-string running back for the Titans but not the name of the guy who lives two doors down.

Now, You see a lot of memes out there ripping on younger generations being soft. Wearing helmets. Playing vids. Afraid of this or that. But you know what, we’re their parents. We’re the softies. They didn’t buy the bike helmet, and they sure as sh** didn’t drive to the trunk or treat at Costco.

I’m doubling down next year. Full bars. Big bags. Real barbed wire.

I'm not too sure about the real barbed wire part, but I think there is some truth to what this Reddit User is saying.


My brother's kids didn't go door-to-door after they filled up trunk or treating over the weekend, and my parents' neighborhood is one where they usually get 750-800 kids a year, and that was down by about 1/4 this year.

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